Camping has never been my idea of a good time. At summer camp I was the only kid who fastened mosquito netting around their bunk. I wore damp jeans and hooded sweaters even on brutally hot summer days. I always lost my bathing suit immediately upon arrival in the hopes that this would mean I was exempt from swimming, and once invented a fictional medical condition that required me to spend 3 nights in the camp “sick bay” just so that I could sleep in a real bed instead of in my mouldy cabin. So when the Monster Comedy team approached me about going up to the Latitude Festival to perform in the Monster Comedy Shed I was skeptical. “What should I bring with me?” I asked. “Wellies and plastic garbage bags – it’s basically going to rain the whole time and be an ocean of mud, there won’t be any sunlight”, they replied. “If people know this, then why do they attend festivals?” I innocently inquired. “It’s part of the British experience” was their answer.

And so I packed a tent, which I promptly lost on the bus on the way up, and made camp at Latitude Festival 2012. What a time I had, my friends! Check out the Shed:

The Shed, the Shed. It seated 4 people comfortably, although at one point we had 8 squeezed in, and I can’t tell you how thrilling it is to play to an audience that’s so close up you can not only see them but SMELL them too. We laughed, we cried, we sang. If the Shed comes to a sidewalk, field, backyard, or rooftop near you then do yourself a favour and get in it. At Latitude we had guest spots from Phil Jupitus, Simon Munnery, Holly Walsh, Stuart Goldsmith and many others. Here’s a picture of the shed, and one of some of the shed crew.

You can follow the Monster Comedy Shed Monster_Comedy … if life were a Stephen King novel the Shed would come alive and eat us all.

Hey while we’re here, and if you’re still reading (go read a book or something!) you can catch my final few Edinburgh previews over the next few weeks in London – check out my “Upcoming Gigs” page for details. And tickets for Edinburgh are on sale!