Well, the world didn’t end. Great news, except for those of us who haven’t budgeted their money at all because they assumed rent wouldn’t be an issue post-apocalypse.

What a year it’s been, friends. Lots to discuss. Had a great time on Russell Howard’s Good news in November – in case you missed it you can catch it Also this week you might have caught me making fun of the Olympics on BBC 3′s “50 Best Moments of the Olympics” which you can still catch on BBC iPlayer. Blink and you’ll miss me, but i am in there i promise.

Maybe because of the time of year, i’ve been feeling a bit homesick lately, so my buddy Chris Locke (one of the best comedians in Canada) and i have decided to correspond on a tumblr page we’ve created called “Correspondos” – stay tuned for more updates and check it out for subtle jokes and warm smiles:And finally, you can come and see me LiVE iN LONDON on January 10th at the beautiful St. James Theatre where i’ll be doing a full hour of comedy with the inimitable David Mills. Tickets are available online and best to book in advance in case it sells out!