Long time no see.

I did it. I got Twitter. It has ruined and enhanced my life. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and checked it. Will this phase pass? Will it lose its luster? Right now it feels thrilling. I tweeted @LeonardoDiCaprio asking him to be a sperm donor for my children, but he hasn’t written back yet. Only a matter of time, I assume, unless I’ve been misled and Twitter is not actually about convincing celebrities to father your unborn children.

In other news, in light of the recent controversy surrounding Jann Arden and her dog on the via rail train in Oshawa, Canada, I thought that this clip was relevant. It was filmed long before the dog incident ever occurred (google the dog incident if you don’t know what I’m referring to), but seems timely. When I tweeted it at Jann Arden she didn’t find it funny and has blocked me on Twitter. I think I was being “Insensitive” (get it?) but I thought she’d get a kick out of it! Forgive me Jann Arden! Check it out below:

The Jann Arden Incident – Upstaged

Friends in London there are tons of gigs coming up including Edinburgh previews soon, and more great line ups at the monthly Candy Bar night (Zoe Lyons headlining this Thursday) and friends in Canada I’ll see you soon at the HALIFAX COMEDY FESTIVAL! April 25th – 28th. I’ll be there drinking so much Tim Hortons you won’t even believe it.



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Hi Toronto! Looking good.

I’m back for a few weeks only and looking forward to catching up with some of my favourite comics in Toronto in a one night only show at the Flying Beaver Pubaret on December 29th! Get your tickets in advance!

Featuring special guests Sabrina Jalees, Alana Johnston, Kayla Lorette, Matt Folliott, Carolyn Taylor, Dawn Whitwell, and more surprises.

Tickets $10advance/$15door
Available at The Pubaret™ or online at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/
Dinner available before, during, and after the show.
Reservations greatly appreciated and dinner patrons get priority seating. 647.347.6567

After that it’s back to London where I’ll be a finalist in the Hackney New Variety act of the Year awards!

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Thumbs up, guys!


My friends! It’s been too long. There are lots of fun events happening before I head back to Canada, home of the Beaver, for a few weeks over Christmas. Check out the upcoming gigs page and come out to one! November 26th – SoHo theatre, December 3rd – Leicester Square Theatre, December 5th and 6th – the Kookaburra Club in Berlin, and lots more.

I’m very excited to launch, on DECEMBER 15TH, a new monthly queer comedy night at SoHo’s hottest lesbian bar “CANDY BAR”. This is going to be a fantastic night with me hosting and Hannah Gadsby headlining! Also featuring Suzi Ruffell, Lara A King, and Alex Bothwell.


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Spoonfed review!

Hi pals – got a great review on Spoonfed for PLEB TALKS LIVE (featuring myself, Simon Munnery, Nish Kumar, Nick Sun and Kieran and the Three Joes). If you have a chance, check out PLEB’s future shows at secret locations in London. If you are anything like me, just being at a “secret location” will make you feel like a CIA operative.

You can read the full review here:


“…After two structured (if surreal) acts, Martin’s conversational style is refreshing and wickedly funny. She puts one foot up, awkwardly, on the table to appear more authoritative. She chats abouts life, displaying surprise at the ways of the world. Her anecdotes are shot through with the phrase ” holy shit!” spoken in soft Canadian tones. She’s gentle but intelligent, sweet yet sharp and it’s a winning combination. Every time a musing threatens to peter out, it’s spiked with a killer throwaway line and, after the night is over, it’s Mae Martin people are talking about. She’s the gem in an evening of outstanding comic talent.”

In other news: X Factor has taken over my life and dominates all of my weekends. I might even start gambling at Ladbrokes, betting on the winner. Would this be a positive life choice?

Mae Martin

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Well friends, I’ve been back in London for just a few short days and already my tan has faded into a kind of patchy beige stain. I’m trying to squeeze in as many gigs as possible before the tan fades completely – I’ll be at the Hospital Club on Wednesday and then, very excitingly, at PLEB TALKS LIVE onThursday September 29th.

The show will take place at a secret location in SoHo and all tickets must be purchased in advance! The secret location will be revealed a few days from now. I love saying the words “secret location”. The shows features comedians performing new material based on a theme or subject: this month the theme is “Life Lessons”. Did I mention it’s in a SECRET LOCATION?

The show features the incredible Simon Munnery, Ben Target, Nick Sun, myself and others. Holy toledo! You can book tickets here:

TICKETS: http://pleb.co/
(all tickets must be bought IN ADVANCE)

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Scotsgay Review and thoughts on an Omelette.

At this moment the sun is rising over Corfu, and I’m looking out across the sea to the mountains of Albania and wondering if I could swim that distance. It’s probably further than it looks. And I’m scared of deep water. And I’m not a very good swimmer. I don’t think I will try it. Perhaps I’ll attempt a slightly less daring feat today like say, attempting to cook an omelette.

Almost as exciting as the prospect of breakfast foods and the view of Albania on this halcyon morning is this awesome review of MAE DAY that just came out in Scotsgay Magazine. It has almost filled me with the confidence needed to attempt to create a mighty omelette. Wish me luck.



Mae Martin: Mae Day, I’m not waving I’m drowning

The Rat Pack Piano Bar

Not all comedians can get away with that sort of look-at-me-I’m-awkward-cute-and-still-funny type of act, but Mae Martin, perhaps because she genuinely is all of the above, pulls it off.

What I really liked about Martin’s show was the breath of topic within her humour. Underpinning the show was her anxiety of life, YOYO (you’re only young once) and a general uncertainty of what direction she should be taking. These are feelings at some point, we have all felt, and to juxtapose them with increasingly amusing anecdotes and songs was kind of lovely.

The gawky slightly nervous demeanour enabled the audience to feel safe and as though they could relate to her. Hers is not the type of comedy where you’re terrified to sit in the front row, save the comedian verbally accosts you for your fine choice of plaid shirt. This is not to say her comedy strays on the safe side, it is an eclectic jumble of songs about endless showers, Ke$ha rants and a startling accurate impersonation of Julia Roberts.

I think when Martin is at her best, is when she is just sort of, fucking confident. She’s a clever gal; she knows how make an audience laugh. Her portrayal of herself as a young, spidery 14 year old is a bit silly, loud and full of the confidence of a veteran comedian.

Mae Martin is enticingly endearing and despite looking slightly like Sid from Toy Story, I feel myself sort of willing her on throughout her set. There are moments of brilliance from this lady and I’m crossing my fingers she’ll be back in Edinburgh next year, not drowning but walking on water.

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