Hooray! Jubilation!

Thanks to Brighton audiences, and the judges, for voting for the Latest Awards – so excited to have been named Best International Act at the Brighton Fringe. So. Excited. If I had been at the awards ceremony I would have made an awkwardly long speech, but sadly I was back in big old smokey London […]

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Don Cheadle The Sequel

Hi friends. Some of you may know that I have a profound affection for Hollywood actor Don Cheadle. Check out the videos page to see the first video I made for him – the Don Cheadle song. Glory of glories, Don Cheadle responded to that video in 2009 with a photograph: The passage of time […]

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Tickets on sale!

Ah what a thrill. Tickets are on sale to my Edinburgh show “Mae Day”, which is August 2 – 26th at JUST THE TONIC CAVES at 4pm. I’d love for you to come. Really, I would.

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Latitude Attitude and the Shed

Camping has never been my idea of a good time. At summer camp I was the only kid who fastened mosquito netting around their bunk. I wore damp jeans and hooded sweaters even on brutally hot summer days. I always lost my bathing suit immediately upon arrival in the hopes that this would mean I […]

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Festival Fringe Updates!

The Festival Fringe is drawing to a close! I’ve seen some great shows – if you’re still in this godforsaken city then make sure you check out: Oyster Eyes (10:25 at Underbelly), Amy Hoggart’s “Pattie Brewster’s Friendship Venture” (7:50 Banshee Labrynth) and Jamie Demetriou’s People Day And please, for the love of God, come and […]

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Dinosaurs Russell Howard Radio 4

Thanks so much for all the love on Twitter following my set on Russell Howard’s Good News this weekend, England! (Check out the clip on my videos page, or on youtube!) Filming the show was a blast, there was a komodo dragon in the studio and i made some headway towards conquering my fear of dinosaurs. A few days […]

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6 Tips To Choose The Best Calgary Food Catering

Food catering is an important service especially when you are planning a corporate event, a wedding, anniversary dinner party, birthday party or any other events that brings many people together. Finding the best caterer to hire can be a daunting task. Here are some few tips to help you choose the best Calgary food catering […]

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